The Superhero Syndrome 26-Track Mixtape

The Superhero Syndrome: The Gift & The Career is amazing mixtape I put together of mostly original motivational music created by my friends and students to inspire you on your way to work, during work, or on your way home from work. We all have these amazing gifts, but sometimes our careers don’t allow us to use them every day it our jobs become a curse. Watch the music video and download these 26 tracks onto your iPod and get motivated to make a change today.

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One Day Resume Ecourse 3-Day Trial

The One Day Resume Ecourse normally costs $97 dollars for unlimited access, but I’m going to let you try it out for 3 days for free to see if you like it. You won’t get a copy of the workbook, but you can watch all of the videos that come with the ecourse. You have to pay $1 up front to confirm you’re registration, but I’ll give it back to as soon as you start the course.

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10 Mistakes Most Career Changers Make 5-Part Video Series

Did you know that the best time to change jobs is in a down economy? Why? Because that’s when the competition is the least and companies are thirsty for people who demonstrate their value. According to a recent survey by Manpower, 84% of employees plan to look for a new job in 2011 now that the economy has improved. This is one of the biggest myths career changers make. Register for the free video series to find out the other nine.

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Jay-Z & Buffet Blueprint for Career Success Ebook

I watched this amazing interview by Steve Forbes with Jay-Z & Warren Buffet and as I was watching it I noticed similarities in their answers. Being that I love organizing information I decided to compile some their quotes from the interview and I came up with 12 principles that Jay-Z and Buffet share that have helped shape their career paths. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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400+ Online Job Boards Listing

Tired of searching on the big sites. Perhaps you’ll have better luck on more niche job boards related to your industry. Check out this list to see them all.

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