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I watched this amazing interview by Steve Forbes with Jay-Z & Warren Buffet and as I was watching it I noticed similarities in their answers. Being that I love organizing information I decided to compile some their quotes from the interview and I came up with 12 principles that Jay-Z and Buffet share that have helped shape their career paths. Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Some Powerful Jay-Z Quotes

“1+1=3 for me. I don’t have that ego where I have to be the only guy on the bill or the only one that people look at. I’m cool with other artists. I’ve been doing it my entire career. I just believe that giving people a better package when they leave the concert call they want to come back again. You can get them there the first time but if what you’re putting on it powerful and impactful what’s going to make them want to come back a second time? A lot of people make that mistake when they are hot, they sell off the name and sell off the moment, the shiny things, and when people come to the convert, they don’t have the experience. Well, we’re overdelivering on the experience. You’re not just getting Eminem, you’re getting Eminem and Jay-z. You’re not just getting Bono, you’re getting Bono and Jay-Z. You can’t hep but leave that concert with almost a once in a lifetime experience every single time. That’s what’ I’m trying to create.”

“It’s the discipline to not get caught up in the moment. Music is like stocks too. There’s the hot thing of the moment. It’s the not electro sound or the hot auto tune voice…or whatever is new and excited. And people tend to make emotional decision based on that. They don’t stick to what they know. This is who I am. This is what I do. They jump on this next hot thing and it’s not for you. For me just having the discipline and having the confidence in who I am and if I go into a studio and I find my truth of the moment, there are a number of people who can relate to what I’m saying and are going to buy into what I’m doing, not because it’s the new thing of the moment, but because it’s my genuine’s how I feel. This is how I articulate the world. Just have the discipline to be yourself.”

Some Powerful Buffet Quotes

“The best moat you can have in your own talent. They can’t take it away from you. Inflation can’t take it away form you. Taxes can’t take it away from you. Develop the habits of success. Look around you at the people you admire and list what makes you admire them that looks equally strong or equally talented. Those are the things that you can do. Just write them down. And people like people if they are humorous or their friendly if they give credit to the other fellow. They don’t like them if they are stingy, if they overpraise. Well that’s the decision you make so I encourage everybody to build your own moat around yourself.”

“I didn’t learn it in school. It never bothered me when people disagreed with me as long as I thought I knew the facts. There are a whole bunch of things I don’t know a thing about. I just stay away from those. I stay within my circle of competence. Tom Watson said it best, “I’m no genius, but I’m smart in spots and I stay in those spots.”

“It’s very important to recognize a mistake. If someone goes around and says they’ve never made a mistake, you quit listening to them. They’re in a dream world. Facing up to it…It’s a little like discussing issues. You should be able to discuss the other fellows position just as well as you can discuss your own. That’s part of thinking well and certainly making good decisions in business is recognizing the poor decision you made and why they were poor…I’ve made lots of mistakes. I’m going to make more mistakes. Babe Ruth struck out a lot of times. Its’ the name of the game. You don’t want to expect perfection of yourself. You want to strive to do your best. It’s too demanding to expect perfection.”

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