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How Business Cards Get People To Click With You

Questions  #1: How big is the stack of business cards of people you’ve met but never followed up with at your home or office? I’m sure you had a great conversation, but why didn’t you reach out again?

Question #2: How many stacks of business cards is your business card sitting in? Probably tons!

Your business card is a reflection of your personal brand. It’s an advertisement just like the ones you see on Google. But the beautiful thing about business cards is that the person gets to experience you before they receive the card. Their experience of you is what gets them to call, email, or buy.

When you’re networking, what kind of impression do you leave on people?

Do they think of you as someone who is valuable that they should keep around?

Is your 30 second pitch clear enough that a person you told 30 minutes ago will be able to explain your value to someone they want to introduce you to?

Just like money, business cards are simply pieces of paper, but they can become currency if you get or give it to the right person. In other words, having Oprah’s business card with her direct number and email is probably a lot more valuable to you than having any other person’s business card.

Buy how valuable is your business card?







Successful networking is not about how many business cards you give out or receive just like Google Adwords isn’t about how page views you get. Success is measured by how many clicks you get or how many people click with you!

Dream awake!

Jullien Gordon


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