Is your resume THEM-focused or ME-focused?

Imagine you were out on a first date and the person you were out talked about how great they were and why you should date them for the entire night.

How long would that date last?

You would probably think that they are egotistical, full of themselves, arrogant, and definitely not a team player. It’s the same reason Terrell Owens is getting bounced around from team to team as his career comes to an end.

So you trash that date and then try again. This time, the person speaks to every desire that you have deep down inside. They give you advice on your problems. They share similar experience that they’ve had and how they overcame them. They only say what’s necessary—nothing more, nothing less. They are simple, clear, concise, and confident.

Now how do you feel? Do you want to go out with this person again?

Resumes work the same way. Most people write ME-focused resumes.

They talk about:

  • how great they are
  • what they’ve accomplished
  • who they worked for
  • position they’ve had
  • blah, blah, blah

All that is great, but it doesn’t make you a fit. If Gandhi or Mother Theresa wanted to date you, would you say yes just because they are so accomplished? No!

Why? Because you’re looking for someone who meets YOUR needs—not ANY need. Potential employers work the same way—they want someone to meet THEIR needs.

The questions that your resume should speak to are:

  • What does this person’s background communicate about their ability to address OUR problems today?
  • How does this person’s personality fit with OUR company culture?
  • How does this person’s personal story align with OUR company history?

I’m sure that you’re a great person, but a job search is not about YOU. It’s about demonstrating that you are the best candidate to solve a problem THEY are facing. Make sure that your resume is THEM-focused, not ME-focused.

D.R.E.A.M. awake!


Jullien Gordon

P.S. Check out my video on other Resume Myths here ==> http://www.careerchangechallenge.com/video3


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