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Question 2: How do I transition from teaching?

Question: The problem I am facing is that I'm not sure how to change my career and what I want to do. I am a burnt out teacher, definitely underemployed and currently unemployed. I've never wanted to teach indefinitely but did not prepare myself for the time when I was ready to transition, which is now. I have not completed my masters degree which would allow for a bit more options. So I'm faced with trying to pay for school..which is almost impossible.. and reinventing myself pronto. Its really difficult to do that and pay the bills. Teaching is one of the most difficult careers to transition from because you cannot create many other experiences under that umbrella. I love working with children and have done so for 12 years! But do not want to be in a classroom and need employment that will pay me accordingly..which seems impossible to find if you are not in the classroom. My possible options that I'm creating for myself:

  • Take a real estate course
  • Develop an afterschool tutoring program( how)?
  • Cosmetology School (I love makeup and styling)
  • Working with a teacher training program, curriculum development organizations (how, I don't have my masters)
Any help, suggestions would be very appreciated.


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