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Below are stories from people who have benefited from the trainings and strategies on Email me your career change story and how this website helped you at jullien at
Story #1 “The first story is my story. I was born to two doctors, an anesthesiologist and an oral surgeon. As a result, everyone expected me to be a doctor too. But I had something else in mind and heart. Using the strategies that I’ve integrated into the videos on, I was able to graduate undergrad early and jump straight to the Executive Director position of a non-profit out of undergrad, beating out older more experienced candidates. After that I went to business school, but instead of doing a traditional post-MBA job, I positioned myself for entrepreneurship. Though my company wasn’t ready to support me upon graduation, I took a bridge job at another non-profit where I added extreme value for a year and half before finally running my company full-time. I call it a bridge job—something that gets you from point A to B without detracting you from your purpose. In January 9, 2009, at the height of the financial crisis, I quit. And for the past few years I’ve been traveling around the country speaking, consulting for amazing organizations, coaching 100s of people to D.R.E.A.M. awake, and writing books.”

Jullien, changed from non-profit & education to full-time PurposeFinder & entrepreneur

Story #2 “I left my job at my non-profit in october, the courage for which grew in large part because of your truly inspirational work of aligning passion and purpose. i know i have commended you along the way for the true value i feel you’ve been contributing, and i want to do so again as i recently started a job, in a COMPLETELY different field and, which i LOVE, wake up in the morning excited to get back to, make more money doing than any job I’ve had before, and am surrounded by phenomenally intelligent, talented, driven people that inspire me to work hard, grow professionally, and be successful in everything. It is invigorating and refreshing. I am really so happy and feel super grateful to be in this position and you are a huge part of this story. Thank you for inspiring and emboldening me to take a risk on behalf of my own happiness.

Thank you, plain and simple. Thank you.

Hope you are well my brother.

Hella love,”

Cat, changed from non-profit & education to startup & staffing

Story #3 “Wow! I think its been an excellent journey of self-discovery, and reflection. The exercises have helped me refocus what I want out of my career. It’s also provided a great structure for the job search process, something that can be very fluid and unstructured at times.

I think the most important lesson that I’ve learned through this process, and also through studying patterns of success is the power that comes from controlling your own narrative. If you can’t tell your own story, then someone else will – and it won’t sound right.

I would like to thank Jullien for his hard work in creating this wonderful program. I would also like to thank everyone I connected with throughout this process. Wish you all good luck on your journeys, and hopefully our paths will cross as we pursue our D.R.E.A.M’s!

Peace & Respect,”

Askshay, changed from big 5 public accounting firm to accounting for a media company which is his passion

Story #4 “Thanks for this Jullien–it is awesome!

I just wanted to let you know that it totally gave value to me and inspired me to re-write my resume highlighting all the value I’ve created. Keep up the good work!”

Larissa C., changed from permaculture to start-up environmental non-profit

Story #5 “After working with Jullien, my resume wasn’t the only thing that transformed- my confidence did too. I learned to shift the framework of my skills and talents in a way that made me feel empowered and ready to present myself at my best light!”

R.V., changed from poetry & activism to public relations & fashion

Story #6 “Jullien coached me to land my first internship at Viacom which launched my career in entertainment & led me to obtaining the career of my dreams today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and I just wanted to say THANK YOU Jullien! You believed in me before it even began. Gracias hermano.”

Sarah F., changed from full-time college student to D.R.E.A.M. job in media & entertainment

Story #7 Hi Jullien,

Absolutely, the 30 days career change challenge was advantageous and timely. It gave me the language to comprehend and to leverage my current and last bridge job and also a time frame for me to deploy my exit upward or outward plan.

Thanks for the language, I must have had a “sick beat”, now I have lyrics and “sicker beat”, driven by restored passion. ((Smile))

Last month, I received a 13% pay increase. By still underpaid and underemployed. Salary.Com, said that I am at the top of my pay scale. I just started this job 7months ago.

Another asset I achieved from the challenge was creating and maintaining my online brand.

My online brand in developing. I have received three recruiter job solicitation via Linkedin. I did not have a Linkedin account prior to the 30 days career change challenge. Thanks Dude.

I had purchased by domain name in 2001, .net and .org, the .com was not available.

I am currently working on Resume 2.0 and will be starting my first 30 days do it group in March.

I have been following you on twitter and I thank GOD for using you to create value in other people lives. God is pleased with you.”


Story #8 “Since the conclusion of the Career Change Challenge I have certainly found and created more meaning at my job. It has inspired me to think as an entrepreneur even though I am technically working full time for an organization. I am thinking strategically about the skills I can acquire and the way I can position myself to one day leverage this career experience in my next opportunity–hopefully an entrepreneurial enterprise!”

Jonathan, seeking to grow and find more meaning is his current job

Story #9 “Hi Jullien. My goal for taking the training was to transition to relationship management or the business side from finance. I am happy to report, that I have met my goal. In retrospect I will say that the program helped me in a variety of way.

– gave me a realistic view of what was needed to make my career transition
– my resume was already updated when the job was posted internally
– I was ready to easily elaborate why I am fit for the position as a result of my ongoing meetings with my “A Team”. It was hard to get a group of people together, but I took advantage of one-on-one weekly coffee chats with people that can help.


Story #10 “I wanted to send an email to update you on my progress with the 30 day do it group and my job search! I’m happy to report that I was offered 2 jobs and have accepted one of them! Both required a move from Boston to California but I’m not complaining about leaving the cold weather behind. I found that people were really impressed with my Resume 2.0. One person in particular spent at least 5 minutes of our interview praising me for having put that together, so thank you for the idea.

My 30 Day do it Group with my church group is still going strong. I’ll be skyping in while someone else takes over leading the discussions. We had our latest meeting this past weekend and I’m happy to report 100% goal attainment this time! We were an excited bunch. We’ve worked on everything from household chores, losing weight, eating right, getting ready for new babies, to writing chapters for books.

Thank you for all your help. I’ve been telling my friends that are looking to change jobs all about your program!”

J. Massenburg

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