Career Visioning

Sweet Jobs

I want a job on 5th avenue that allows me to bear fruit every time I roll up.

I want a sweet job like Steve Jobs, sweeter than a granny smith apple

I want an M&M job that gives me meaning and money

I want a job where I ask for s’more instead of feeling burned out

I want a job where they call me lemon head because I like making lemonade out of lemons

I want a job where I can be nerd and still get the pay day I deserve

I want a job where I can do what I think, not where my boss says do what ice cream (I scream)

I want a job where I can snicker and laffy taffy without getting my jaw broken

I want a job where I can get a waifer (waiver) if I want to come in now or later

I want a job that goes against the grain but still respects my health

I want a kit kat job where I could work for 9 lives without a break

I want a tic tac job that’s a breath of fresh air and brings me almond joy

I don’t just want to be a dot, I want to be monu-mentos (monumental)

I want to work with smarties so I don’t have to worry about Reese’s pieces

I want a job that pays me double mints instead of junior mints

I want a job that treats me like I’m at the Ritz even when I’m in a crunch or a sour patch

I want a job with a colleague named Tootsie who sends me notes with Hershey Kisses on them

I want a job where i can kick it with slim Jim, mike & Ike after work while watching baby Ruth play baseball

I’m just a jolly rancher trying to make cash-ews like Planter’s

I want to savor life not just become a life saver waiting on retire-mint

so I’m leaving earth to work on mars because it seems like I’m cotton candy (caught in candy)


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