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A lot of people are transitioning from the for-profit world into the non-profit world in order to find more meaning in their work. Oftentimes, people aren’t sure how to reposition themselves when their entire drive has been money, money, money thus far. Just like for-profits, non-profits look for results. And just like for-profits, non-profits are organizations and face the same day-to-day challenges. Your skills and strengths are equally relevant.

An organization that I support for its tremendous efforts to help people advance their careers in the non-profit world is the Young Nonprofit Professional Network. I’m closest to the New York chapter, but they are all over and continuing to grow. Learn more below and check out their website at for upcoming events, job openings, and their newsletter.


The Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of New York City (YNPN-NYC) supports the professional development of the next generation of nonprofit leaders by providing opportunities for skill-building, information sharing, and networking.

Founded in 2002, the YNPN-NYC is a regional association that engages and supports its members’ professional and leadership development. We believe that its members’ growth and development can play a critical role in the success of the nonprofit community, and promotes this important work by:

  • Providing educational workshops, and other personal and professional resources that promote the career development of its members
  • Offering networking opportunities and social events to encourage information sharing and relationships among its members
  • Creating a mentoring program to encourage and cultivate future nonprofit leaders

For more information, please go to


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